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Forest Schools Website Released

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by Administrator

Forest Schools Website Released

6 comment(s) for “Forest Schools Website Released”

  1. Dean Beasley Says:
    great work, looks fantastic.

  2. Sophie Johnson Says:
    Fantastic training course - excellent tutors had lots of fun. Would recommend it

  3. Nigel Fuller Says:
    What a great website guys, just what we needed, this is going to be a very important place for all forest school leaders.

  4. Kristina Butlin Says:
    Looking good guys!!!! Cant wait for more on the site!!! I had loads of fun on the Forest School course can't wait to put it all into practice!!!!

  5. Toni Green Says:
    The website looks great, I am looking forward to reading all the hints and tips for more forest school fun!

  6. Liz. Twynham. Coventry Says:
    It's nice to have a site related to our area. Thank you

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